Spicy Shrimp Chilli Sauce

made with fermented ground shrimp, will work its way out of kitchens and into the mainstream. Bird's eye chilies give a fiery accent to this chili sauce well. 

It is perfect for dipping and stir-frying.

Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

You can prepare ‘restaurant’ gourmet dishes at home and conveniently with our pre-mix. It gives your dishes an authentic salted egg flavour and texture. 

It is perfect for dipping and stir-frying.

Steamboat Dipping Sauce

is a rich and strongly flavoured sauce that goes well with ingredients that are lightly cooked, which is often the case with steamboat.

It is perfect for dipping and sauce coating.

This is We Begin!

ipoh perak

Cookkeng was established in 2017 with the intention to bring quality food condiments to kitchens and homes of everyone in Malaysia. Cookkeng was started by a cooking enthusiast who also a father and entrepreneur.

Our range of product originates from the dainty old town of Ipoh, Malaysia. From salted egg yolk sauce, spicy shrimp sauce to steamboat dipping sauce, Mr. Keng hope that you can prepare healthy and delicious dishes at home.

We are always on the lookout for quality food condiments, sauces and pre-mixes that will enhance the flavours and tastes of food and we would like to share these exciting condiments with you.

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We have participated in many food fairs and roadshows across Malaysia. Follow us to many places as we can.

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